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Essay: Rivera was an Atheist

Being an atheist, Rivera made a mural named Dreams of a Sunday in the Alameda in which he shows the portrait of Ignacio Ramirez with a sign reading ‘God does not exist’. However, because of the criticism the mural faced, it was not displayed for 9 years until Rivera removed the inscription.


Essay: Feminist artists to take a ludic turn

Feminist artists have been associated with their contribution to the postmodernism era through ludic theme. Postmodernism is often associated with a move art’s emotional record from sublime to playful and irony. The use of emotions, play and irony was very characteristic of the feminist artists especially beginning in the early 1970s; this explains why their works gave a huge contribution to the postmodern period (Brodsky and Olin 332).


Essay: Art works by women

Apart from these contributors, focus is therefore directed towards the various art works by women.  There is evidence of art by feminists which has contributed to various artistic representations in the 20th century as compared to art prior to this period. The feminist era has made remarkable disparities to romanticized images of the nude female, abstract expression of the body and the fragmented portraits of cubism women (Brodsky and Olin 331).


Essay: Feminist art practices

Apart from art history and articles or texts, other contributors to the feminist art practices found useful by this research are the contributions of art curators. Scrutiny of the history of art was not only done by historians or scholars but was also contributed by curators through museum exhibits. An in depth research reveals that exhibits challenged white male Eurocentric ideas of art history.


Essay: Feminist art movement

In conclusion, the feminist art movement has created a blur on our impression of the boundaries between feminist artists work, art historians, art critics and curators. This research has shown the unclear distinction boundaries in art of the 20th century have produced creativity and innovative ways of presenting ideas.


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