Feminists have contributed to postmodern art and the feminist movement with their own bodies. While art may be sire specific, visual language is more verbal and transportable. Feminists have been able to maximise on the advantages of visual language to express their impressions of their environment and society. For example Carolee Schneemann filmed a performance called “Interior scroll” that celebrates the body.

This work envisioned innovative modes of feminism and feminist articulation that were embedded in natality (Brodsky and Olin 333). Using her body she performs the birthing of feminist texts, challenges lacanian maleness, symbolic order and language. Another major feminist artist that fully utilizes visual language to create controversy is Martha Rosler. Through photo collage and text, video installations of herself, Rosler has depicted the contrast between gender and the sexes. Her photographs explicitly make a distinction between the domestic woman and wars, politics and repression. Critically analysing her work and that of other women who use their bodies as art, leads to the conclusion that they have greatly contributed to how the world views women. Rosler is able to use her art work to draw attention to architectural structures and the mass media

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