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Essay: Abraham is one of God’s Servants

Abraham is one of God’s servants whose historical life is outlined in the book of Genesis in the bible. His initial name was Abram, which was later changed by God when He called him to be His servant. He is known for his great faith and trust in God and as a man through whom God made promises to his children, the Christians.


Essay: Case analysis on Tort Law

Sample Essay The tort of fraud through misrepresentation can be depicted through the fabricated letter that was sent by Rob Jr. to his parents under threat from the Church which requested funds for his stay at the church which was mentioned in the letter to be his ‘new’ family. It can be highlighted that the letter was written by Rob Jr. under distress and threats from the Church, while the Church fully knew the illegality […]


Essay: Analyzing work of Treharne

Sample Essay Treharne the author of the article regards the work of titled Dream of the Rood as a highly established, exalted and potent work of art that is a literary authority in its own position. The article discusses the theme of the prom relating to the life of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion as well as the arrival of the Day of Judgment and the imminent resurrection of the Christ himself.


Essay: Application of Tort Law

Sample Essay In the case of Sherman against the Church of Devine Light the fraudulent representation under discussion is the letter written by Rob Jr. to his parents requesting money for his stay at the Church and starting his departure from home to reside with his ‘new’ family at the Church.


Essay: Analysis of case on Tort Law

Sample Essay The Shermans can build their case against the Church of Divine Lightby focusing ion the individual torts committed by the Church.


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