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Rehabilitation for Juvenile Drug Users

If adolescent drug users and abusers have to be rehabilitated, the justice system must implement assertive outreach strategies for narrowing the adolescent substance use and abuse treatment gap. This includes hiring more qualified staff, opting for treatment for the youngsters instead of incarceration and the most important thing is to try and make their parents and close relatives and friends as part of the rehabilitation process. This will definitely increase the success rate for substance […]


Regulation Of Roles And Functions Of Registered Nurses

The roles and functions of registered nurses working in critical care units are regulated by the NHS in the Republic of Ireland Despite all their competencies, expertise and experience, there seem to be unique problems encountered by unit managers on a daily basis when working in large ICUs. The argument in this article is that it is necessary to understand the challenges encountered by the ICU managers working in the large ICUs of 12 and […]



Mutation Genes of living beings sometimes undergo changes because of different reasons. This change of genes is known as mutation. Mutation can refer to any change in the amount, organization, structure, or content of genetic material. Some gene mutations affect only their carriers, while some are transferred into the descendants of the carriers. The mutation that passes on from the affected one to his or her offspring is known as inherited mutation and is responsible […]


Muscular System of Human Body

Humans are complicated beings, comprised of different systems that help to perform different functions. Muscular system of human body plays a key role in movement and growth of the body. The human body is build of almost 700 different muscles. Half of the weight of a person comprised of these several muscles. All different muscles of the human body are divided into three major types: Smooth muscles, Cardiac muscles, and Skeletal muscles.


Essay: What can you do regarding teaching, advocacy, role modeling

People need to understand that being obese is a health problem because of the diseases associated. This should be done through teaching in which people should understand the causes, the problems and the control measures they should take. The community people should be trained on the importance of eating healthily and doing physical exercise. Health education and promotion should be done best through community advocates.


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