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Essay: Benefits of LED technology

Sample Essay The competitive analysis for the market of LED technology based lighting products provided that there is significant demand and therefore buyer power in the market. Similarly there also exists significant power of suppliers in the market as the technology is specialized and required specialized supply material for its components. The barriers to entry into the market however are very strong as the companies investing in these technologies have protectionist policies and patents protecting […]


Paper on MAC and Windows

Sample Paper The purpose of this paper is to highlight why a consumer should select a MAC operating system over the Windows PC. Both Mac and PC are popular operating systems, readily available in the mainstream market catering to the various needs of the consumers. While the basic functionality of the operating system on a computer is the same, both operating systems differ in terms of their characteristics and the specific benefits that they provide […]


Essay: MS Windows

Sample Essay The main advantage of a MS Windows based PC is that the MS Windows Company provides extensive and unlimited upgrades for the Windows OS. As a result the users only have to have access to the internet in able to automatically download upgrades for the Windows OS and the related application software that run on the Windows OS.


NetBIOS Basics

Before getting to learn the Enumeration process for Microsoft systems, it is required to get to know the basics of the working of Network Basic Input Output System (NetBIOS), which is a Windows programming interface that provides computers the ability to communicate across local are networks (LANs). Most of the Windows OSs make use of the NetBIOS so as to share printers and files. It listens on UDP ports 137 (for the NetBIOS Name Service) […]


Mass Communication

Mass communication is a process of dissemination of news and information to one another. The media or the medium used for this purpose are the press (newspapers, books, and magazines), radio, television, the internet, and pictures. These mediums perform a large function that is the fellow of information, education, and entertainment in a society. Without these mediums, one can hardly imagine the fellow of information to a large group of people. Due to these mediums, […]


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