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NetBIOS Basics

Before getting to learn the Enumeration process for Microsoft systems, it is required to get to know the basics of the working of Network Basic Input Output System (NetBIOS), which is a Windows programming interface that provides computers the ability to communicate across local are networks (LANs). Most of the Windows OSs make use of the NetBIOS so as to share printers and files. It listens on UDP ports 137 (for the NetBIOS Name Service) […]


Refrigerated Rail Cars

The induction into commercial use of the refrigerated rail car was accompanied by the construction of an extensive network of railroads, which provided an exceptionally important connection to the marketplace which enabled food to be preserved and shipped all over the country instead of just within the region. With the easy and economical availability of refrigerated rail cars, it became possible to transport consumables to distant cities and even overseas. Companies in the beef supply […]


Mass Communication

Mass communication is a process of dissemination of news and information to one another. The media or the medium used for this purpose are the press (newspapers, books, and magazines), radio, television, the internet, and pictures. These mediums perform a large function that is the fellow of information, education, and entertainment in a society. Without these mediums, one can hardly imagine the fellow of information to a large group of people. Due to these mediums, […]


Essay: Responsiveness to Natural Catastrophes

Civil engineering has been attributed to responsiveness to the natural catastrophes. The ongoing floods in Asia have seen the water resources engineers coming up with designs that help to save lives within shortest of notices (Hagerty et al, 1996). The make shift bridges and dams to redirect the flowing waters are examples of how the field has been utilized to participate in more fulfilling way to the needs of the society awaiting long term solutions.


Essay: Gas vs. Electric cooker

Unlike the other two basic needs, that is clothing and shelter, food is the most fundamental since one can hardly survive without eating. As such, behind every healthy person there is always a good meal. However, availability of a source of heat for cooking is the cornerstone of ensuring that there is always ready food, without which all types of foods that require cooking would be uneatable.


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