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To a student, his education and academic life are the most important. In the future, the good academic result becomes one of the biggest reasons for having a good career and being successful. Therefore no compromises can be made when it comes to your education.

Like you, Custom Essay Live believe in the same, because it comprises of a team of writers who never compromised when it came to their education. They understand that each and every assignment that you get, no matter how short or lengthy, has equal importance. Therefore no writer at custom essay live takes any order lightly.

Custom Essay Live chooses its writers very meticulously, they have to go through tough written tests before taking up orders. It is made sure that these writers can give time and do justice to their work and that they really are as capable as they claim to be. Only after making sure of all this, is a writer appointed by Custom Essay Live.

Highly Qualified Writers

The writers at custom essay live are well qualified in their fields of education; holding at least a masters degree. They have a lot of knowledge and in many cases personal experiences as well. When their knowledge and experience combine they come up with the best work.

However, most of the times knowledge and experience are not enough. Thorough research has to be done to write a paper so that known facts can be double checked and new facts can be known. Our customers also require references and bibliographies that they have to submit along with the paper. For this reason, research becomes very essential.

Plagiarism Free Essays

We at custom essay live are very particular about our plagiarism policy. Be it the whole assignment or a line that has been plagiarized, punishment for both is the same. Any writer who is caught for plagiarizing stuff is suspended there and then. Therefore you can be sure of the fact that all the work done at custom essay live is new, fresh and custom made to suit your needs.

Another reason why you should choose Custom Essay Live is that we are very particular about our deadlines. We know that the reason why you are asking us to write your paper is that you have a lot of work on hand and cannot possibly meet the deadlines for all your assignments. What is the use of the assignment if you get it a day after the submission date? If we give a date to you by which we will deliver your order, rest assured that you will receive your order on the same day and not a day after.

Custom Essay Live beliefs in quality over quantity. We never burden our writers with so much work that the quality of their work and as a result the quality of your work is compromised. If we feel that a writer is overburdened we stop supplying him/her with more orders until he/she completes the existing ones.

The motto of Custom Essay Live is and will always be customer satisfaction.