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Mass media impact on people

There is no way one can deny the grave influence mass media has on people. Our frame of mind is mostly shaped up by the content we read or watch through different mass mediums. In this article, we will discuss some important impacts of mass media on people which are often neglected by many people.


Essay: Studying different personalities in children

In any experiment, it is important to choose the sample at random because this gives the experimenter a chance to study different personalities in the sample. If the experimenter decides to choose the children based on their previous behaviors in school or in class, it would be impossible to come up with a conclusive report because some students may naturally have aggressive behaviors even when they do not view violent TV shows.


Essay: Situational Theory of Leadership

Many leaders have found themselves in a context that requires decisions that were not premeditated. Such situations require the leader to make use of the principles of situational theory of leadership. This theory advances that there is no one generally accepted qualities in leadership since many leaders respond to different situation variously (Meyer, 2008 pg. 143). This is what truly constitutes an effective and ineffectual leader.


Essay: Self Assessment

Self-assessment is the evaluation of one’s achievement in relation to any undertaking. It helps people to appreciate the success they have realized in the previous tasks. From the recent past, self-assessment has become one of the major tools for measuring students’ accomplishment in their designated courses in schools.


Essay: What is Self-Disclosure

Self-disclosure is an act of revealing oneself to others either deliberately or accidental. It has a lot of implications in the lives of people some of which can either be constructive or destructive. For instance it is through self disclosure that we learn other people’s strengths and weaknesses, feelings, and attitude.


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