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Luck has nothing to do with the success

Success is usually defined as a material success. There is no denying the fact that one can turn his/her dreams in reality if he/she is financially strong. A person drowned to the neck in the sea of his debts can never claim himself/herself as a successful person nor can he/she live a happy and stressful life. Even those people who define success as having a successful familial or social life agree that a successful familial […]


Buy a Dissertation Literature Review

Get quality business dissertation literature review from Custom Essay Live The option to buy a dissertation literature review is always better than writing it as the student does not have to make any effort. As a student, if you are looking for high-quality writing options, Custom Essay Live can prove to be an ideal solution provider for you. Through a rigorous selection process, we pick the best writers so that our customers do not have […]


Media’s Impact on Society

The mass media is becoming a significant part of people’s lives. We cannot deny the power and influence of media in today’s world as it has proved to be a vicious weapon through which the powerful people influence the minds of the weak population. The general population is not helpless; and it can decide to believe things and negate the others. However, the sole purpose of media is to control people’s mind.


Metaphysical poetry and its Characteristics

There is no specific definition of metaphysical poetry. However, most of the critics suggest that it is a branch of poetry which is overstuffed with thoughts. While reading any metaphysical poetry, the stuffing of the poetry hardly gives the reader the time to pause and think. The thoughts, which are mostly stuffed in this type of poetry, are of intellectual standard. Although the definition of metaphysical poetry fails to completely define it in its true […]


Muscular System of Human Body

Humans are complicated beings, comprised of different systems that help to perform different functions. Muscular system of human body plays a key role in movement and growth of the body. The human body is build of almost 700 different muscles. Half of the weight of a person comprised of these several muscles. All different muscles of the human body are divided into three major types: Smooth muscles, Cardiac muscles, and Skeletal muscles.


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