Mass media impact on people

There is no way one can deny the grave influence mass media has on people. Our frame of mind is mostly shaped up by the content we read or watch through different mass mediums. In this article, we will discuss some important impacts of mass media on people which are often neglected by many people.


All though all the mediums of mass media are very effective but internet and television are considered as the most effective mediums of communication and effective sources of recreation. Every country has its own broadcast drama and soaps. A large number of audiences view these dramas. The Internet is a platform where we find young generation than any other generation; however, television is a medium used by every people belonging to different age groups. As a result of this, more people are exposed to television than the internet. Apart from dramas and soaps, many educational programs and reality shows are also being broadcasted on television. The constant exposure to these programs does have a great impact on the minds of the audience. People start to adopt and abandon habits under the influence of the programs they watch on television or the plays and stories they read on books.

Harmony of public opinion:

Mass media plays a vital role in recreating the overall though of the audience. It even creates the harmony in public opinion on the national or international matter. Mass media changes the attitude and ideas of people according to a certain direction through lectures, opinions, and speeches of experts. The opinion of the people is hammered smoothly and gently according to their required direction. The programmers and speeches of the same type are presented. Drama series lead to judgment about a national issue. The people listening to it get their ideas changed in favor of the drama. Even the young generation is influenced directly and sharply according to the drama and the pictures. Tough opinions can even be molded easily creating a social change in life. Harmony of public opinion on an international level can be seen by the recent example of Paris attacks in Nov 2015. People globally denounce the terrorism attack and everyone felt the grief that was befallen upon the innocent victims of Paris. This kind of harmony in public opinion is mostly on an international level.

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