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Essay: Background of The Up Series

Sample Essay The Up Series is a set of documentary films that were initiated in the 1960s. These documentary films follow the life of 14 children from different social circles and classes of Britain. The purpose of the documentary was to identify as to whether the social class systems, like the one present in Britain had a direct effect on the children in the environment and therefore their future and prospective lives. The assumption was […]


Essay: Background of Segway

Sample Essay Segway was a product aimed at solving the transportation needs of the people in a green and environmental free manner. The product was a self balancing transportation machine for a single person that could take the rider anywhere they could normally be able to go by either walking or driving. The small scale of the machine as well as the flexibility it allowed made it possible for riders to go anywhere and everywhere […]


Essay: Accuform case

Sample Essay It can be highlighted that the Accuform case was largely built on the clash of the two organizational cultures of the joint venture firms and the lack of recognition of the differences by the senior management. The issue could have been avoided if the difference between the cultures was identified by the senior management i.e., Kim earlier on and addressed by establishment of a strict coder of conduct that the employees of the […]


Essay: Analyzing Graphs

Sample Essay The following graphs that are displayed depict the information in a haphazard manner. The purpose of a graph is to simply depict information so that the reader can easily read, and comprehend it. However in the case of the following diagram showing an organization’s hierarchy chart, the data is depicted in a confusing manner. This is mostly because of the alignment of the elements in the graph and the flow of the graph. […]


Essay: Bloomingdales Marketing

Sample Essay In order to attract more and diverse range of customers, the Bloomingdales has started to sell specialty perfumes in selective stores (Finn, 2004). The shift towards niche marketing and specialty lines was a result of the collection of extensive data about the customers and determining for the product demands and the purchase tends of the customers. (Hoke, 2000). Bloomingdales has also been using data warehousing and database software to support its direct marketing […]


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