Sample Essay

Standardize Documentation: The documentation related to the products, parts, and the car design that are put online will need to be standardized in order to ensure that all stakeholders can review the information and comprehend it without having to indulge in the technical jargon. The writing in the documentation and the graphs all would need to be standardize din their requirements.

      Standardize Communication and Support: In order to ensure that the Fast Car option is successful the company will have to ensure that the communication between the stakeholders and the company through is standardized for Fast Car. This is important as non standardized communication can lead to communication gaps and loss of control.

The standardization for communication can be ensured by setting up a dedicated WAN based link between the stakeholders and the company over which to communicate the Fast Car. The system requirements for the IT technology needed at the communicating party ends would need to be standardized along with the software requirements.

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