Sample Essay

I stood Rooted to the ground. My mouth gaping and my eyes staring transfixed. My ice cream continued to melt all over my hand and arms as I held it absent mindedly. The noises of the crowd and the music that played were distant. I existed in my own world. Watching the dancing couple on stage. I was fascinated by their graceful movements mesmerized by their fluidity. It seemed as if the music seemed to project from their bodies. Their bodies hovered in the air when they jumped. Not a sound interrupted the music as they landed. Their faces smiling pleasantly all the time, never showing the slightest bit of strain their bodies were no doubt feeling.


 I soon began imagining myself in their roles. Gracefully leaping, dancing across the stage wearing enticing costumes which I had never even dreamed existed. I smiled despite myself, enjoying their dance as well the image of myself that I had just created

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