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Essay: Risk Management at Melbourne Food Festival

The festival is supported fully by government organizations since it’s for a national cause so there are no legal issues. But there are certain risks and they are as follows (Melbourne, 2009).  :


Media’s Impact on Society

The mass media is becoming a significant part of people’s lives. We cannot deny the power and influence of media in today’s world as it has proved to be a vicious weapon through which the powerful people influence the minds of the weak population. The general population is not helpless; and it can decide to believe things and negate the others. However, the sole purpose of media is to control people’s mind.


Essay: Suicide and Depression – Community

Sample Essay   Direct Contributing Factor Indirect Contributing Factor Insufficient Group Choices The number and types of peer groups in the social setting available to the adolescent are limited and not suited to the individual The adolescent cannot relate to any of his peer or their groups The peer groups set up impenetrateable barriers to prevent new individuals from entering Low Self-esteem The adolescent has low self esteem and confidence to approach peers his age […]


Essay: Mohawk People

Sample Essay “Our values are our guides as to when and how we act to elicit social change. More so than reasoned arguments and gathering the right information, we rely on what we know at the core of who we are.”  (‘Think, Engage, Respond: Communicating for Citizenship’, p65) The Mohawk culture is based on agrarian values that revolve around nature and earth. The principle crops that were grown by them were maize, beans and squashed […]


Essay: Mohawk Issues in Canada

Sample Essay The Indians tribes in the region have already been assigned and designated to conservation lands only and the encroachment upon those lands by the government only fuels anger in the Indians as the action is unfair and unjust. The non-Mohawk people involved in the clash depicted how materialistic they can be as they started fighting the Mohawk who were protesting on theMercierBridgeover a mere traffic Jam that was being caused.


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