Sample Essay

“Our values are our guides as to when and how we act to elicit social change. More so than reasoned arguments and gathering the right information, we rely on what we know at the core of who we are.”  (‘Think, Engage, Respond: Communicating for Citizenship’, p65) The Mohawk culture is based on agrarian values that revolve around nature and earth. The principle crops that were grown by them were maize, beans and squashed which were termed in a sacred title of “the three sisters”.

As a result it can be extrapolated that the Mohawks are very nature friendly, aware about the environment and strong activists when it comes to protecting the land from urbanization. The values of the Mohawk which are shared by us on a personal level are the level of integrity and the determination which the Mohawk depicted in their standoff against the Canadian government to protect their land and the environmental awareness that they have. The issue here was not just to protect the land which was being encroached upon. Instead the main issue was the degradation of the respective values of the Mohawk and their lifestyle which was being challenged by the Canadian government by way of expropriation of their land and rights.

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