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Metaphysical poetry and its Characteristics

There is no specific definition of metaphysical poetry. However, most of the critics suggest that it is a branch of poetry which is overstuffed with thoughts. While reading any metaphysical poetry, the stuffing of the poetry hardly gives the reader the time to pause and think. The thoughts, which are mostly stuffed in this type of poetry, are of intellectual standard. Although the definition of metaphysical poetry fails to completely define it in its true […]


Essay: Story of the Novel Billy Bud

At the end, Claggart accuses Billy falsely to Captain Vere that he together with other impressed seamen are planning an uprising. This accusation surprises Vere who sees Billy as a ship’s asset. All the same, Vere orders Albert, the captain’s hammock boy to bring Billy to the captain’s cabin for summoning. Billy listens to Claggart’s accusations and gets emotional as usual lacking words to defend himself.


Essay: Audre Lorde’s ‘forever with child’

Sexton also focuses on fertility in her poem. The narrator in the poem has been longing for a son for years. She has gotten children, yes, but not the gender her heart has been longing for. She is fertile, but her fertility has proven to be a source of great heart ache and derision to her. The poem talks about stigma that is sometimes associated with giving birth to children of only one gender, that […]


Essay: Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was born with the name Frank Lincoln Wright in 8 June 1867 in Richland Center in Wisconsin of the United States. He changed his name to Frank Lloyd Wright after his parents divorced to honour his mother’s name.  Until his death in 9 April 1959, he was an educator, writer, interior designer and American architect (Wright 51). Throughout his life, he was able to design over 1,000 projects with over 500 being […]


Essay: Fate awaits fraudsters.

In Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire, is a tragic play set in New Orleans Louisiana where the playwright presents the characters in light of the way they take responsibility for their actions and those of other people. Williams also seeks to display the characters’ strong personality and those who are constantly dependent on others.


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