Sample Essay

The following paper provides a summary and analysis of the article titled ‘Risking To Be Wounded Again: Performing Open Eye I’ by Jeong-eun Rhee. The article is a composition by the author based on personal experiences and reflections as a person of color in theUnited States. The article highlights how racism impacts the life of a woman of color and what initiatives can be taken by people to better integrate amongst different cultures especially on a psychological level.

           The article by Rhee is divided into three segments where three different experiences of the author are depicted. The first section is based on the entry of the author into the diverseUSregion and the cultural impact that was faced by her. The author highlights here that the major change that was felt by her was the sudden realization that racialized society exists in theUSpertaining to immigrants fromSouth East Asiawhich was foreign to the author as no such issues or concept was ever experienced before her entry into theUS. The author depicts in her article that while racism is often considered to be an issue with the African American and the White communities in theUS, the increase in multicultural communities in the country has led to more specific racism against specific ethnic groups. The Chinese and the Korean were reported by Rhee to be amongst the most victimized communities when it came to racism particularly inLos Angeles. From personal experience the author provides that she was often targeted with racism during her school days when her teachers did not acknowledge her high academic performance that led to confusion for her as a student.

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