Sample Essay

Before attempting to define the theory and how it depicts my life, I should state what I am as an individual today and what my self-image and ideals are. I am a single-parent of two children, and am currently working for a social development firm. I feel that there is much that I can contribute to this world with my work and that I want to be a positive role model for my children. Given this background, readers will be better able to understand and relate to my experiences in light of the theory.

Using the model to define my childhood, I feel that the first stage of development has been successfully passed where I had very loving parents to take care of me. My mother and father were always there to provide the best for me and that is why I still have a positive outlook towards life and I feel that there is still hope for a better future. Moreover, my goal to be a pro-youth counselor defines how much hope I have from people around me.

When I talk about infancy, I have only my mother’s memories to revisit and I feel that she was a competent mother and was caring and loving, fulfilling my wants and desires. I feel this way more because my father had other children from other relationships, but my mother had space for them all in her heart, and she treated them as her own children. This, I feel is an appropriate enough measure that leads to the conclusion that a person who is supportive of other’s children would be a good example for her own children to follow.

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