Sample Essay

The TQM model or methodology that has been selected for the improvement and the strengthening of the supply chain at Riordan is the value chain analysis method. The value chain analysis method is a quality and performance improvement approach that can be used at the organization. The benefit of using this approach is that the methodology is best suited for value chains and supply chains analysis. This is because the model focuses on the logistics aspect of the business highlighting the outbound and the inbound logistics. Using this approach the Riordan supply chain can be strengthened by analyzing the flaws that exit in the processes specific to the inbound logistics, the operations, the outbound logistics, and the procurement processes which have been identified already as in need of drastic change and improvement.

In order to implement the TQM model selected, the functions of the Riordan organization will categorized as per the value chain based primary activities and support activities. The quality tools highlighted above including the Ishikawa, the control chart, check sheets, and Pareto chart would be used to specifically analyze the inbound logistics and the procurement process at the company.

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