The festival is supported fully by government organizations since it’s for a national cause so there are no legal issues. But there are certain risks and they are as follows (Melbourne, 2009).  :

New and inexperienced staff incorporated in the event

  • Uncertainties like weather issues or an unexpected power breakdown.
  • Movement of people since there can be incidents that might spoil equipment etc.
  • Any unexpected problems that might tarnish the image of the event like problems with food maybe.
  • Administrative risks (issues with all types of contracts like venue, entertainers, sponsors, broadcasters, suppliers, clients etc)
  • Marketing and PR risks (media releases or promotion might go wrong)
  • Health and safety risks
  • Crowd management is essential (waste management)
  • Security hazards
  • Transport (Deliveries on time).
  • Duty of risk that is foreseeable risk of injury to attendants

The festival is a national festival so it abides by the food act and regulations, liquor licensing act and local government act. They abide by The Liquor control Reform Act of 1998 as well and also the code of practice for fireworks. They have the necessary aspects of business insured as well (Melbourne, 2009).  .

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