Sample Essay

The tourism industry as already mentioned is very dynamic due to the surrounding environment for the industry which is unpredictable. Similarly event management in the tourism industry is a much more volatile function as it tends to be composed of different functions, which are temporarily coordinating with each other and functioning together for the same purpose which is the launch and the execution of a certain event.

The disparate nature of the event in terms of its management increases the risks associated with the risks the functions are exposed to. “Undoubtedly, the tourism industry is one of the most susceptible and vulnerable industries to crises. Recent major events that had devastating impacts on the industry ranges from natural disasters to epidemics, and from mismanagement to terrorist attacks. These kinds of episodes are not confined to any geographical region, as crises respect no political or cultural boundaries.” (Santana, 2003) Moreover the capability of the tourism industry to manage for crisis and risks are somewhat limited due to other environmental constraints and the unexpected nature of the risks and the crisis.

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