Sample Essay

Record management is basically the practice of identifying, categorizing, classifying, storing and retaining records. This is the field of management which is specifically focused towards the initiation, control and maintenance of records in a business.

The company has been facing difficulties in getting a proper record management service for its operations. The company was previously outsourcing its record management activities to another company outside the city, however now it has been observed that the quality of service provided by the outsourced party is not up to the mark. There also exists a disparity in the prioritization of the work and the records. As a result it is important for the company to shift to a different record management company in the city. 

“41 percent of the respondents to the 2003 Electronic Records Management Survey, conducted by Cohasset Associates Inc., ARMA International and AIIM International, reported that electronic records are not part of an organization’s records management program. Failure to include electronic records in records management programs can be risky business. The escalating costs associated with electronic discovery are one reason that a discovery response plan is an important element of a successful, comprehensive records management program.”(Launchbaugh, 2004)

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