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Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Insufficient Group Choices The number and types of peer groups in the social setting available to the adolescent are limited and not suited to the individual
The adolescent cannot relate to any of his peer or their groups
The peer groups set up impenetrateable barriers to prevent new individuals from entering
Low Self-esteem The adolescent has low self esteem and confidence to approach peers his age for social interaction
The adolescent is psychologically unable to gather confidence to approach people to make friends
The adolescent is an introvert with little or no motivation to go out and make friends due to set backs that he/ she has experienced in the past
Non Conformity The personality or the nature of the adolescent is unique
The adolescent is unable to adapt to the changing high school environment and the various social groups for interaction
The adolescent refuses (rebels) to adapt for anyone, including making friends
Lack of Public Concern Suicide treated as a taboo by the community lading to little or no public concern about it
Parents not being in touch enough with their children to know about any depression or antisocial traits
Parents generally not expecting their children to attempt suicide or be depressed as they are young therefore not paying much attention to promoting it as a public concern
Lack of Peer Counseling Peers have inadequate knowledge to deal with depression or provide counseling to their friends
Peers are unaware of the traits of depression
Peers are busy in their own lives to acknowledge there exists a need to counsel their friends out of depression.
Lack of Funding Parents having lack of funds to get anti depression counseling for their children
The community not providing funding to the community centers for encouraging knowledge and awareness on adolescent suicide and depression and how it can be spotted and prevented.
Lack of funding available to schools to set up programs that inform about adolescent suicides ad dealing with depression.


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