Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Hopelessness The student feels working at school towards anything is hopeless
Being negatively targeted by peers makes the student adopt a hopeless attitude towards everything
Lack of support by teachers and counselors can increase the sense of hopeless in the students
Rejection/ Non-acceptance Teachers reject students on the basis of the lack of their skills.
The school does not provide support for depressed and isolated students
School does not involve personnel to identify cases of depressed students, instead it ignores them.
Academic Failure Fear of teachers’ and parents reaction to academic failure
Fear of letting down parents and mentors
Striving but unable to attain academic success despite multiple attempts
Sect Involvement Isolation and rejection by peers can lead the student towards cult groups
Cult rituals and guidelines may include self abusive or acts that promote suicide
Negative Goth and gang based sects can influence the vulnerable and isolated adolescents to attempt suicide
Need to Belong The student does not belong in any social or student groups
The student groups reject the adolescent
High competition in the high school leading to isolation of the student from groups
Need to Impress The need of the adolescent to attain appreciation from peers and family can make the student susceptible to depression
Family does not appreciate the adolescent despite their repetitive attempts of proving accomplishments
Isolation from peers as a result of them being not impressed enough to include the adolescent in their group can lead to depression


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