Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Rejection by Peers Adolescents are targeted for rejection by their peers
The peers sneer on the adolescent or pick on them
Peers treat adolescent as oddballs
Negative Association Adolescents are branded with negative associations and stenotypes by their peers
Peers make fun of the adolescents for their looks, their status and their social behavior
Peers jeer on adolescents due to their family members, friends and their relatives.
Lack of belonging Adolescents are unable to fit in the available social groups
Isolation drives the adolescents into depression
Lack of friends increases isolation for the adolescents
Conflicting Values The values instilled by the family are different from those present in the peer groups.
The personal values of the adolescents are different from their peer groups
Negative social values are present in the peer groups
Physical Appearance Adolescents are targeted for being fat
Adolescents are targeted for not being stereotypically good looking
Adolescents are picked on for their lifestyle choices
Group Non Conformist The adolescent shows traits of rebellious behavior
The adolescent reuses to conform to any group
The adolescent is unable to belong to any group due to his/ her personality and temperament


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