Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Family History of Abuse Elders in the family indulge in Physical violence
The family does not consider abusive behavior as wrong
Abusive behavior is encouraged and not stopped by family members
Alcohol Abuse in family Parents/ Guardians are active alcoholics
Physical violence is conducted in the house under the influence of alcohol
Adolescents are targeted by the abusive behavior
Lack of Monitoring Parents/ Guardians are unable to safeguard adolescents from violent abusive behavior of others
Threats of abuse are openly relayed in the household
Family is unable to see trends of depression in adolescents
Family History of Use Family members are active substance abusers
The substance abusing family members are open about their addition/ abuse in front of adolescents
Depressive behavior is prevalent in the family
Availability The family and the adolescents have easy access to drugs
The adolescents sneak drugs from parents supplies
Due to easy availability adolescents do not hesitate from using drugs
Peer Pressure The social circle of the adolescent has active substance abusers.
Taking drugs is encouraged by the peers
Social consumption of drugs is considered to be necessary by the adolescent in order to belong to the group.


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