Sample Essay

The following paper discusses the propaganda based article of 1951 titled ‘Who is threatening Whom’ by G. F. Alexan. The original article was published in a German magazine and the article that is being referred to in this paper is a translated version of it. The article mostly focuses on the military and political strategy of the United States specifically to Japan.The propaganda being raised by the article pertains to the presence of American military forces in the region at the time of the Korean War. The post world war II state is highlighted and the changes taking place in the world’s political scenario in the wake of the Korean War have been discussed. The article provides information pertaining to the strategy of theUnited Statesmilitary pertaining to the installation and set up of military base and armed camps in theMiddle East,Africa,South East Asiaas well as inLatin America. The reason provided for the installation of these military bases was to protect the world from another incident like a third world war.

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