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Essay: The Viet Cong in Vietnam War

Initially, the Americans thought that the bombings would not last for a very long period. The thought in their minds was that it would only take a few days of bombing.


Essay: Bombing Campaign in Vietnam by the US

A bombing campaign was started on 2 March 1965, which was to force North Vietnam to withdraw its support for Viet Cong. However, this campaign lasted for three years although initially it was expected to take a few days.


Essay: The Attacks on twin towers in 2001

Later in September 2001, the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in the US acted as an eye-opener to Bush and his administration. He had overlooked a lot of issues in his earlier speech, which was supposed to serve as an outline of his administrative plans and strategies.


Essay: The Basis of Bolivarian Movement

This forms the basis of the Bolivarian movement because it aims at empowering the poor workers who have lived in a sorry state for many years. Following the advice he is offered by Castro of Cuba, Chavez has been able to empower the poor by offering them rights, which they were not able to enjoy under the leadership of the presidents who have been before him.


Essay: The burden of unemployment in America

Obama’s address mostly focused on reminding Americans that all was not lost. America was still great and with its rich, prosperous history, it would be possible to recover from their current situation. At that time, America would have been best described as a nation that needed serious redemption, through governance and policy re-formulation.


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