Sample Essay

Despite the fact that intermodalism is a benefit for companies who want to ship or transport their goods, it a constant source of anxiety and frustration for the companies and businesses involved in transport. The shippers, carriers and as well as the policy makers have struggle with the challenges related to lack of terminal access, urban congestion, grade crossings, congestions at international ports ,restriction on the usage of transportation equipment, and rural isolation. The most critical challenge of these however is the lack of intermodal transfers. These are points of exchange for two mediums. “The weakest links in the current transportation system are the points of transfer between modes.  And, because the current system is funded and managed separately by each mode, responsibility for strengthening these links is unclear.  Bob Matthews, President of the Railway Progress Institute, summed up comments made by many to the Commission when he urged “speeding up the process of designating intermodal connectors.” Numerous outreach participants suggested adding connectors to the National Highway System (NHS) within 1 year of Congressional enactment of the NHS, and ensuring sufficient flexibility for additions in future years.” (‘Toward a National Intermodal Transportation System’, 1994)

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