This essay is focused on analyzing a case study of an organization and suggests an appropriate AIS/ERP System for them. For this research report, DISK4U is selected, which is a company located in Sydney, Australia. The company sells Vinyl Records and CDs.

The company is a family-owned small business and has four different outlets located across Sydney. The firm has been facing a number of challenges in sustaining within the rapidly changing market and has realized that it needs to expand its boundaries from physical stores to virtual ones in order to remain relevant in the competitive business environment.

Although, the firm was a dominating player in the world’s IT industry; however, fiercely increasing competition both in terms of service quality and pricing has led to difficulties. Moreover, the firm was usually viewed as an expensive, old-fashioned firm, which was too big for meeting the needs of small-medium sized and Internet-based startups and businesses.

Despite a number of rivals, the firm had several competitive advantages over its competitors. DISK4U offered complete packages and bundles of new products, dedicated sites for IT professionals and special funding and financial alternatives. It also provided a well-established platform for Inter-based and dotcom organizations, along with exclusive accessibility to fully integrated and customized core business solutions. However, considering the advancements in technology implementation, there is a need to incorporate automated systems because not all the divisions and aspects of the operations could be handled manually now.

Therefore, the main purpose of this report is to identify a new ERP system for DISK4U, which can help the firm in controlling and managing it day-to-day business operations as well as financial tasks in order to improve business performance.