Sample Essay

The computer monitor should have an adjustable height, distance and tilt angle in order to enable the user to comfortably view the monitor. Due to bad computer ergonomics, the user can experience neck pains, back injuries as well as vision problems.

Similarly the keyboard should be detachable from the monitor; it should have adjustable level as well as comfortable to use keys. This can prevent strain on hands, wrists and elbows. The mouse should also be of comfortable shape, and easy to access as well as otherwise it can cause elbow and arm injuries of the user. The lighting should be comfortable in the workstation with access to sufficient natural light as well as supportive artificial lighting. Insufficient lighting can result in blurring and impairment of the user’s vision. The noise levels also have to be kept in check as constant ringing or high noise levels can lead to hearing impairment. The temperature and ventilation also need to be maintained as extreme temperatures can affect the body comfort of the user while improper ventilation can cause breathing problems, hypertension and head aches caused due to stale or bad quality air.

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