Sample Essay

It can be highlighted that the Accuform case was largely built on the clash of the two organizational cultures of the joint venture firms and the lack of recognition of the differences by the senior management. The issue could have been avoided if the difference between the cultures was identified by the senior management i.e., Kim earlier on and addressed by establishment of a strict coder of conduct that the employees of the company have to adhere to.

Accuform combined the two cultures which were essentially no co habitable and as a result while Kim adopted a laissez-faire approach towards business management with high level of delegation of authority and responsibility, Ching a former Creasefree employ abused the responsibility given to him. He worked along the traditional Chinese business practices for networking and building contacts in order to carry out his private fraud of using Accuform rejected un-graded materials as scraps and using it to manufacture performance clothing sold to the market at lower cost.

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