In Marsha’s classroom it seems the eight slow learners are in charge of the class as they set the pace for the classroom mood. It is noted that Marsha has tried to reorganize the study groups but have failed as these group influences everyone. She has tried to use popular reading material and tried using acting to maintain their attention. She even proposed to them the use of the school’s audiovisual equipment to illustrate their work but this too failed to motivate them. she also had disciplinary actions for lax behavior, students were left behind during lunch to finish work, there was lunch time detention, praised them, used notes to communicate with parents, she sent troublemakers to the office, used pep talks and denied them privileges like the use of the computer.

 From Marsha’s approach to discipline it seems that she has been using an authoritarian approach to classroom management. According to Rudolf Dreikurs when a teacher is always making decisions and imposes on the student the student tends to rebel Tauber (2007). While Marsha may have tried to strike a balance between her friendly approach and a strike control on this class she failed in this respect. Therefore it is recommended that to regain classroom control she needs to be more assertive and use democracy.

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