Sample Essay

As a result the company had to make tough decisions pertaining to identifying the new dynamically changing market for its products and services as well as how to provide them with the products that they want and are currently demanding. Moreover the company also had to make crucial decisions pertaining to how the company should respond to the increasing competition in the market. The competition was focused on diversifying its products to increase its revenue stream while HKL was focusing on only limited markets since its inception in 1889.

The company therefore had to deciding whether it was to diversify into the market as well and how so. Other decisions that the company had to make pertained to the management of its ageing buildings and assets inHong Kong. The company has to determine as to whether it should demolish all its ageing building or should it invest in remodeling, maintaining and updating its aging assets in order to make them durable and sustainable. This decision ha to be made in accordance with the assets of the competition in the market which was much more modern and suited to the tastes and the requirements of the customer in the market.

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