Sample Essay

As mentioned above the fashion industry is highly volatile. These changes are based on seasonal changes as well as those based on occasion and holidays, however aside from this the change in technology, the orientation of the people as well as the viewpoint of the market can also lead to changes in the fashion industry. .

“The phenomenon of globalization, conditions that give rise to it, and shape the structure, strategies and consequences are probably more transparently evident in the textile and clothing industries than in any other sectors. Markets from Manchester to Manchuria and suppliers from Singapore  to Sacramento are subject to the phenomenon of global forces and global shifts. This is what makes fashion markets and fashion marketing an exciting area to study” (Hines & Bruce, 2007, p17). It is therefore crucial for fashion marketers to be abreast of these changes and be able to forecast the possible changes before they take place in order to capture the target market for the future fashion trends.

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