Sample Essay

The Shermans can build their case against the Church of Divine Lightby focusing ion the individual torts committed by the Church.

In order to depict false imprisonment the Shermans can depict how the Church brainwashed the children in the Church to lure them into the cult and then alienate them from their parents while the children are under the influence of the Church’s preaching. Similarly the  threats issued by the Church on the children of sending them to hell on misbehavior or lack of obedience should also be brought to light as they support forceful false imprisonment by the Church of Rob Jr.

The tort of emotional distress can be eloquently depicted by the Shermans in the form of the distress that was faced by the child during his stay with the church where he was constantly forced to obey rules and isolate his parents. Similarly the emotional distress of the parents can also be counted here which arose from their isolation from the child. The position of the Church as knowingly influencing emotional and mental distress of the children and their families will need to be highlighted.

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