Sample Essay

The tort of fraud through misrepresentation can be depicted through the fabricated letter that was sent by Rob Jr. to his parents under threat from the Church which requested funds for his stay at the church which was mentioned in the letter to be his ‘new’ family. It can be highlighted that the letter was written by Rob Jr. under distress and threats from the Church, while the Church fully knew the illegality of the letter and its nature of being fabricated. The parents however can enforce their statement and prove that they were not aware of the letter being fabricated when they sent the Church funds for Rob Jr. as requested by the letter.

The brainwashing element can be highlighted as a strong point in the case (Hamilton, 2000) as previous cases on similar brainwashing by cults have yielded positive results for the plaintiffs. In the case of George v. ISKCON Robin George claimed that she was brainwashed by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and claimed damages for emotional distress which she was awarded by the Jury. The influence of cults was also the highlight in the case of Wollersheim v. Church Of Scientology where the influence of the cult’s teachings on the minds of the children was explored. This can be used to support the Rob Jr.’s behavior as under the influence of theChurch ofDivine Light.

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