Sample Essay

Treharne the author of the article regards the work of titled Dream of the Rood as a highly established, exalted and potent work of art that is a literary authority in its own position. The article discusses the theme of the prom relating to the life of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion as well as the arrival of the Day of Judgment and the imminent resurrection of the Christ himself.

According to the author the in the short poem the Dream of the Rood, the narrations of the poem is done in manner to represent the horror fear as well as the awe in witnessing the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ and how in the symbolic manner it aided in spreading the word of Christianity to the four corners of the world. The author also provide that the poem has been translated and interpreted in numerous diverse ways by different scholars however the underlying theme of the poem is uncontested which pertains to effect the Christ has on his disciples even after his demise.

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