Another major contributor to postmodern art was Judy Chicago, whose feminist art pioneered in the definition of women artists and freedom of expression for women. The most monumental art work was “The Dinner Party” between 1974 and 1979 which is a collaborative and mixed media honour to women. This work raised the achievements of women in western art history that was traditionally held in reserve for men.

The art makes use of sacramental tradition and details of social gathering to represent guests of honour symbolised by china painted plates rising over a tabletop. The plates are images founded on butterfly images that symbolise the vaginal centre. Through her art work, Chicago formed a feminist art practices in minimalism in the fetish movement. Through her works, she represented abstracts of the feminist identity through works like “Through the Flower”, “Birth Project” and others. For example, before her work the “birth Project” few western images showed images of birth. This was a puzzling omission for artists especially in consideration that birth is the central focus in the lives of women and a universal experience for humans. To fill this void, Chicago produced numerous images of birth through needle work which was a style of work that had been largely ignored by the mainstream art society.

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