In conclusion, the feminist art movement has created a blur on our impression of the boundaries between feminist artists work, art historians, art critics and curators. This research has shown the unclear distinction boundaries in art of the 20th century have produced creativity and innovative ways of presenting ideas.

Therefore, the feminists have been very influential in the generation of new theories and practices of art and have greatly contributed to postmodern and modern art. As the art historians Lara M. Lackey, Linda Nochlin, Griselda Pollock and Mary Sherman among others have clearly assessed in their writings feminist contributions to art and social aspects. Additionally, the research has revealed the contribution made by art curators like Jean Clair and Catherine de Zegher. Contributions to art by women have also been supported by feminist artists like Martha Rosler, May Steven, Judy Chicago, Beyte Saar among others. These women have used various art styles and expressions like visual and language to express views on gender, political and cultural practices in the society.

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