Apart from these contributors, focus is therefore directed towards the various art works by women.  There is evidence of art by feminists which has contributed to various artistic representations in the 20th century as compared to art prior to this period. The feminist era has made remarkable disparities to romanticized images of the nude female, abstract expression of the body and the fragmented portraits of cubism women (Brodsky and Olin 331).

This led to the era of specificity from abstraction in art, as depicted in a still of the video “Semiotics of the Kitchen” by Martha Rosler’s which satirizes of women as homemakers social construction. Rosler engages the audience to the absurdity of being a housewife through the presentation of kitchen tools in alphabetical order (Brodsky and Olin 331). She names each tool like “spoon,”  “knife” and “egg beater” to undertone her rage for the use of the tool and its potential in domestic violence. In this work she challenges the idea that art is sublime and introduces performance video and art as a medium that illuminates oppressive social issues present in our daily lives. This triggers a transformation of consciousness in the audience.

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