Feminist artists have been associated with their contribution to the postmodernism era through ludic theme. Postmodernism is often associated with a move art’s emotional record from sublime to playful and irony. The use of emotions, play and irony was very characteristic of the feminist artists especially beginning in the early 1970s; this explains why their works gave a huge contribution to the postmodern period (Brodsky and Olin 332).

Critically, this also represents the ability of these artists to use visual spectrums to express their feelings. During this era, visual pleasure was used to protest exclusion, marginalization and the oppressive social practices which made feminist artists to take a ludic turn. An example of this is May Steven who presents this view in her work “Top Man”. The work satirizes male authority and provides a scathing critique of American majestic pretensions. The canvas shows a bald male authority that has bullet shaped head and the eyes of a pig, seated in the style of medieval icon with a prominent protruding potbelly and a bulldog. To lampoon and embody U.S. hegemony, May uses the male’s smug smile and corpulence (Brodsky and Olin 332).

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