Sample Essay

Here Hazan says that Propaganda is two sided; from the propagandist’s perspective and the other from the reactor’s perspective. The propagandist has to be reliable in the mind of the reader and the only way that can be obtained is through Trust. In the US media there are two distinguished classes of people that exist: liberal and conservative. Liberal’s predominantly work for CNN and NBC while the conservatives are the people working for FOX news.

For the FOX, their viewers are predominantly Christians so the trust is mostly based on the grounds of religion and FOX’s taking the line of the establishment. On the other hand, for the viewers of CNN, their credibility lies in their way of reporting news, bias-less and taking a line opposite to that of the establishment. For both the cases of viewers mentioned above, FOX and CNN, they are going to believe the news (propaganda) of their own respective channels because of the trust involved in both the cases.

According to Manning and Romerstein, the role of trust in Propaganda is:

“One of the most important tools in propaganda is trust. Propagandists must be believable, and their audience must consider them reliable authorities. One method to gain an audience’s trust is to report unfavorable news that the audience know or will discover. Another way is to agree with their existing opinions; people most trust speakers and writers whose ideas are similar to their own” (Romerstein & Manning, 2004).

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