Sample Essay

Propaganda is a sort of a tool used by the government of a country to manipulate the minds of their countrymen or those of another country. Such is the mindset of the majority of the people and they connect propaganda with some kind of ideology or political power. Nevertheless, it is still a kind of a persuasion process. It is a powerful tool that surely should not be underestimated at any cost: it is the means through which mass persuasion may be performed. And one is required to know about propaganda in order that he is able to recognize it when one is being misled into it.

There are 5 characteristics of propaganda, Total, Time, Trust, Truth, and Trigger. None of them surpasses the importance of the other while propaganda is being taken place but trust is the most important of them all.

Trust is the ability of the propagandist in which he or she attracts people with his credibility and reliability as whatever he speaks people believes him. According to Hazan:

“Trust and propaganda source induce ready absorption. The reactor’s trust and confidence in the propagandist may result from perceptions of the propagandist’s credibility, sincerity, position, intelligence values, interests, knowledge etc.” (Hazan, 1976, p. 22).

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