Sample Essay

The power of trust is much more than one can imagine. The psychology behind the trust is “Never trust any who lies to you, and never lie to anyone who trusts you”. The view of media in any country is generally that it is biased and whatever it says at one point or another serves the purpose of preserving the status quo or standing against the establishment. Propaganda only works if people are willing to invest enough trust in you. It is not about what you say; the million dollar question is how you say it.

The issue of ethics within propaganda is also to be considered. The element of trust is very important in this case. When the people are willing to put their trust in someone he should not let them down. He should consider that by giving out false information regarding something makes the others restricted from their freedom of choice, that is, they are not able to know what they should and to what they have a right. The public is not being treated respectfully when it is being lied to. There is no morality in exchanging wrong data. And once the liar is caught, his integrity is at stake which could ruin his career altogether. He is not considered credible at all and thus no one believes in him anymore, no matter what he says and even if it is the truth he is portraying. And all just because of being caught once with one lie.

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