Sample Essay

Ethics are important in every field, in the same way they are highly important in the hospital setting which basically occurs through presence of ethical behavior in the staff of the hospital. It deals with patients by curing their problems. The main level of staff includes, doctors who specialize in the care of patients of various types such as neurosurgeons, general physicians, gynecologists, cardiologists, gastrologists and pediatricians. Under these doctors , staff physicians or assistants of the doctor of the same field  are responsible for patient’s medical or surgical care .

They are further helped by , residents who  are licensed doctors in the process of receiving advanced training. For additional assistance medical students are also involved patient’s care under the direct supervision of staff physicians. The middle level of staff includes nurses such as Registered Nurses, practical nurses and patient care assistants. They care on hourly basis. The hospital staff also includes social workers who help the families of patients they are responsible for introducing the patient about, the home care agencies and transportation services. Patient representatives along with them solve problems faced by the patients in the hospital rooms and etc. Paramedics conclude all of these types. Despite of the fact that, they are not doctors they are the first care takers of any patient who also have a primary role so they need to be perfect in caring of the patients.


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