The word “plagiarism” may not be new for you anymore if you are a student. The world of academics is filled with several cases of plagiarism, and it is rising every day. Writing content of others without referencing and not giving credit to the original author of the content is now a crime, and it is punished severely in different parts of the world.

Plagiarism is of two types; Intentional and Unintentional. As the name suggests, difference of both types of plagiarism is understood. But the in-depth difference is very hard to find when it comes to punishment of the crime, because the intentional plagiarism is a fraudulent activity and the person committing this kind of crime is entitled to punishments. However, if a person plagiarizes unintentionally, it would be considered a mistake and the consequences are different. But how does the deciding authority know if plagiarism in the academic paper is intentional or unintentional.

A usual practice followed at academic institutes around the world is that they treat both kinds of plagiarism equally and the student has to face similar consequences even if he/she has attempted unintentional plagiarism. The purpose of punishment is to stop the criminal to commit the crime again, however, if the person did know if he/she was attempting a crime, why punish then?

These and many other reasons have made it difficult for the authorities to decide for different treatment of unintentional plagiarism, and therefore, same kind of punishments in the form of drop-out or termination is faced by the students caught plagiarizing in the academic paper. But the result of this treatment has discouraged students from education who were unaware of the plagiarism or did not know how to write non-plagiarized academic papers.  Therefore, academic institutes have taken measures to make the students aware of this crime and also teach them how to avoid plagiarism in the academic paper. This is how unintentional plagiarism is reduced to a greater extent. Sessions are conducted in which students are taught about plagiarism in detail. These actions have brought betterment in education and reduced the unintentional plagiarism to greater extent.

To improve the educational standards, academic institutes must conduct sessions for awareness of plagiarism so that the students are given fair and equal opportunity to prove them in the education.

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