During college studies students often struggle to find a suitable topic to write their essays if they are not assigned one by their professors. They often get confused about the idea of selecting an essay topic because they fail to judge where their real interest lies. They choose something either too broad or something having too little information on different sources. As a result they fail to impress their professors and get low grades. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful topics for writing essays during college studies. Below are some useful tips for you to consider.

Controversial Issues

You can opt for a controversial issue to write an essay as controversial issues have lots of options available. For instance you can write your essay on abortion, assisted suicide, death penalty, illegal immigration, etc. You can find lots of topics where you can focus on something very specific to write your essay. For instance in the case of illegal immigration you can opt for punishments for illegal immigrants. Moreover, you may also be able to find sufficient information on these issues they are very common on almost every society.

About Yourself

In addition, if you are not too good writing on controversial issues the topic you can opt for is about yourself if you an option. You can write anything about yourself taking an autobiographical approach. You can write about different phases of your life. The best time of your life and how you spent it. About something that you will never forget, it can be an incident that taught you something special. You can write about important people in your life that supported you throughout and were always there for you when you needed them the most. How those people helped you reach where you are today? You aims for the future. How you see yourself five years from now. What you have achieved in life so far and how your achievements helped you shape your academic career?

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