Business Studies have become common and widely accepted qualification which is offered in colleges and universities around the globe. A large number of students graduate in business field either to start their own business or to work with a reputed organization. Where there is a greater number of students qualifying each year, the number of jobs have become limited which has invited a strong competition in the job market. Successful candidates are those who have good educational background, vast knowledge of the subjects and have qualified with high grades in their business qualification.

To become successful in the job, students should start working during their academic years. In Business College or university, students are given lots of custom essays on business in the form of assignments on accounting, management, marketing, computers, taxation, audit, economics and many other courses. These assignments mainly comprise of long essays of different kinds on different topics. Certainly, at this level the essay has to be written in a professional way with detailed study and analysis. However, for the completion of one essay, the time assigned is less than what it actually requires. One of the objectives of teachers is to evaluate the time management skills of the students and the quality of paper they write, so that professional writing skills are developed in them.

Besides evaluation criteria, another practice which is found in the business schools is that students are given different assignments simultaneously. The burden of different assignments and different kind of study required for each makes the students habitual of taking stress and to plan their work accordingly. The managerial skills no doubt are developed with this practice; however, the stress leads to decline in quality of papers the students submit. Because unless the students are stress-free and good at mental health, they produce innovative ideas, and when this health is ruined, the interest is also lost.

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