Sample Essay

The following depicts the sales and profit for the first three years of operations. The business plan aims to achieve penetration into the market of 0.5 percent of the population which should increase to 1.5 percent by the end of third year of operations in India. As there is a significant market for the products in the region, the objective for the 10 years of operation is to achieve penetration into 5 percent of the population and the market.

The action plan would incorporate setting up the production facility in theIndia, where the management would be imported from the Unites States to hire new management and train the labor force. Simultaneously the brand of the Original Arizona Iced Tea would be marketed in the Indian market through the alternate channels of communication and advertising using the internet technology, brand activations and the strategy of in store promotions.

The operations of the Arizona Beverage Company would be localized inIndiain order to take advantages of the low costs associated with productions and operations which can additionally benefit the company.

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