Have you ever wondered why despite putting lot of efforts you fail to get a good grade? Many students during their high school and college studies have the tendency to make silly mistakes in their essays and later on complain about getting low grades. At times they even tend to avoid writing essays because of severe criticisms by their professors. Essay writing is something that cannot be really avoided as long as a student is part of an academia. The only real solution to improve is to practice writing essays over and over again. The purpose of this article is to highlight some points indicating what you need to improve in and avoid when writing essays in order to stand good chances of getting a good grade. Below are some very useful points for you to consider.

Inability to Understand the Topic

Many students tend to misunderstand the instruction of their professors and provide wrong information in their papers. It is obvious that if a professor is asking to define psychology and you provide him/her with the definition of sociology you are going to face serious problems. The only real solution to this problem is to listen to the instructions of the professor carefully only than you will be able to write an essay in a manner as to provide what has been asked for. Therefore, approach your professor until you are sure what is required.

Grammatical and Structural Errors

No matter how well researched an essay is if it contains basic structural and grammatical errors it is likely to be rejected by the professor. You need to proofread your essay over and over again after writing it so that you can eliminate the grammatical errors. The best solution to this problem is to leave your essay for a while after you have written it, take a half hour break and come back to revise it with a critical eye.

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